Season 1 Episode 11: Myshuno Meadows



Devan: ♫Today’s a new day!!♫


Devan: Good morning, Blarffy!! Did you sleep well, buddy?

Blarffy: I did!! I also made sure no bad guys came to your apartment!

Devan: That’s why I love you! You’re not only one of my best friends, but also a protector!

Blarffy: Best friends look out for each other!


Devan: I’m going to Myshuno Meadows! Stay here and be good!

Blarffy: Have fun!


30 minutes later

Devan: YAY! I’m here at Myshuno Meadows!! Let’s explore!!


Devan: Ooooo, a fountain! I have a wish I wanna make!!

heads to fountain and makes wish

Devan: Yippie!! I hope my wish comes true!!


Devan: Hmmmmmm. I wonder what this plaque is talking about.

reads plaque

Devan: So this guy, Emperor Horton, experienced San Myshuno’s first death by pufferfish at this exact spot. Scary.


Lunch time!

Food Vendor: Good afternoon, kind sir! What would you like?

Devan: What do you serve here?

Food Vendor: We serve Filipino food! If you’ve never tried it before, this would be a good time!

Devan: Cool! I would like to try this Lumpia, please!

Food Vendor: Excellent choice! Coming right up!

Devan: What is lumpia?

Food Vendor: Lumpia is a spring roll found in Indonesia and the Philippines. It’s an excellent dish for a celebration or gathering.

Devan: That’s awesome!

Food Vendor: (Hands Devan his lumpia) Here you go! Enjoy!

Devan: Thanks!


After getting his food

Devan: Wow! This is yummy!


Devan: I love it! I’ve discovered ramen and now I discovered lumpia. 2 down, 25 to go. It’s so fun eating new foods!!

Devan’s done with his lumpia

Devan: I’m still hungry! Ooh, a Vietnamese food stand! Let me get something from there!!


Food Vendor: Greetings!! We serve Vietnamese food here! I hope you’re ready to enjoy authentic Vietnamese food! What would you like?

Devan: One Banh Mi sandwich, please!

Food Vendor: Excellent choice! Coming right up!


After getting his food

Devan: Yum!! This is so delicious! 3 down, 24 to go!

Devan’s done with his Banh Mi sandwich

Devan: OMG, a Chinese food stand! I’m getting something from there!

Zoe: Hello!!! Welcome to the Chinese food stand! What can I get you?

Devan: One Sweet and Sour Pork, please!!

Zoe: I’m going to tell you that you’re going to love this! Coming right up!

After getting his food

Devan: Okay, Devan. You’ve tried chopsticks before. You can do this!

picks up a piece of sweet and sour pork and it drops on the floor

Devan: Whoa, I dropped one piece of pork!! I’m still not good!!

Devan: Okay, I’m getting the hang of it…..

Devan: Still not good.

Devan finished his Sweet and Sour Pork

Devan: That was delicious! 4 down, 23 to go!


30 minutes later

Devan: Time for some basketball action!


Devan: Will I make it? Will I make it?





Devan: Wow! That really hurts!! Let me rest my ankle and then I’ll get back to playing.


1 hour later

Devan: Here come Devan Bachelder, basketball star!! He’s ready to do a slam dunk!!


Devan: OH YEAH!!! That’s how it’s done!!


Devan: I’m getting the hang of this!! Basketball’s my favorite sport!!


Devan: *GASPS* I can do fiery shots??? COOL!!

30 minutes later

Devan: Now to collect some posters!!


Devan: Cool beans! I got an Aspiration by Angsty poster!!


Reads DynaSign Co. plaque

Devan: Eh. Boring stuff.


Devan: Nice! I got an Uptown Down poster!


Devan: I got myself a Fashion District Travel poster! Awesome!


Dinner time!!

Don: Welcome to the Vietnamese food stand! Are you up for the challenge to try the spicy, hot Pho?

Devan: Yes I am!

Don: Excellent!! (Hands Devan a bowl of Pho) Enjoy!


Devan: Hmmm. This is spicy? We’ll see about that!!



Devan finished his Pho

Devan: What a hot dish!! I’m going to need to head back and drink lots of water! 5 down, 22 to go!


7 PM

Devan: Hey, buddy!! Were you good?

Blarffy: Yes I was! Trust me, I’m not a troublemaker! How was your day?


Devan: It was so fun!! I collected some posters, played basketball, and tried lots of street food! I tell you, the Pho is the spiciest dish I’ve ever tried! You should’ve seen me! I was breathing fire like a dragon!!

Blarffy: LOL!!! You need to tell my friend, Drago, that! He’ll get a laugh out of that! Glad you had a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 11: Myshuno Meadows

    1. I didn’t know that either. That was surprising. Your Sim needs to be energized in order for them to make fiery shots!

      You definitely need to try some VIetnamese food. I’ve had a Banh Mi sandwich and it was SO good! If you can handle spicy food, try the pho. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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