Season 1 Episode 9: Devan has Arrived!



Devan: All right!! I’m here, San Myshuno!!


Devan: Let me check my apartment info. I’m living in 888 Spire Apts, rent is 7500 Simoleons per week, and this comes with the Great View lot trait! I love great views!! I can pick two more lot traits! I’ll pick Child’s Play and Bracing Breezes! Child’s Play because I want to play with my toys and Bracing Breezes because I need that burst of energy to work out! Now that I have selected my last two lot traits, it’s time to check out my apartment!

Devan: YAY!! My apartment came with a pool!! I can grab a few buddies and we can have a pool party!

After checking out his apartment


Blarffy: Devan!!! My best friend!! I love you too!!

Devan: Tickle, tickle, tickle!!!

Blarffy: Hee, hee, hee!!! Stop it!!!

Devan: Hey, Blarffy!! You’re my best friend!

Blarffy: You’re my best friend too!

Devan: Where’s Blarffy? Where’s my best friend?

Devan: There you are!!!


Devan: Okay, Blarffy! I must go work out and then I’m going to check out the city! Be good!

Blarffy: I will, Devan! Take care!!


Moments later

Devan: Cool! A Japanese food stand!

Devan approaches the food stand

Zoe: Hello!! What can I get you?

Devan: One ramen, please!

Zoe: Coming right up!


After getting his food

Devan: WAHH! Using chopsticks is so hard!!!!


Devan: Hello!! What’s that you’re eating?

Victor: Oh this? This is nigiri.

Devan: What is ni-gi-ri?

Victor: Nigiri is a type of sushi. It consists of thin slices of fish over vinegared rice.

Devan: That sounds good!

Victor: My name is Victor. What’s yours, young man?

Devan: I’m Devan!

Victor: Nice to meet you, Devan!


Devan: I heard so many people talk about the Pufferfish Nigiri. Have you tried it?

Victor: I did, and I survived! The key is to make sure you get an excellent quality one! If you get a poorly made one, chances are, you’ll die from poisoning!

Devan: What?! I don’t wanna die!!

Victor: Relax. There’s a small chance you’ll end with one that’s poorly made.


Victor: You seem new around here. Do you live around here?

Devan: Yes I do! 888 Spire Apts here in the Uptown. I just moved in today!

Victor: Excellent! My wife and I live in IX Landgraab Apts, which is here in the Uptown as well! So, we’re your neighbors!! Hope you’ll enjoy living in San Myshuno!

Devan: I will!

Victor: Since you’re new here, there’s lots of fun activities to do around here! Karaoke, street murals, street food, you name it. Go explore!

Devan: Will do! I plan to visit my friends after I collect a few snow globes and posters.

Victor: Hope you have a fun time tonight!


After eating his meal

Devan: Cool! I got a Yuma Heights Snow Globe!!

Devan: Cool! I got a Freezer Bunny Falls poster!!

Devan: Sweet!! I got a City Skyscraper Snow Globe!!

Devan: Got a Electric Llama Land by Angsty poster! Okay. I’m done searching for snow globes and posters for the day. Now to head to the Party All Day Boys’ apartment!

30 minutes later

Hunter: Devan!! What’s up, bro?

Devan: I thought I’d stop by to hang out with you all!


Hunter: That’s cool, man! When did you move into San Myshuno?

Devan: This morning! I live in 888 Spire Apts in the Uptown District.

Hunter: UPTOWN?! Wow, that’s where the rich people live! How many beds does your apartment come with?

Devan: 2 double beds.

Hunter: You have plenty of room for 3 more people! Anyone you know who is going to move in with you later?

Devan: Not at the moment.


Devan: Hi, Dustin!

Dustin: Hey, it’s the Devan Man!! So glad you stopped by!!

Devan: I thought I give you all a surprise visit.

Dustin: I’m glad you did, bud!

Devan: Bro, I heard you lead Relaxing Paradise, a meditation club! I was considering joining it because I need to relax after work! May I join?

Hunter: Of course you may!! You’re in! Our meetings take place at the local spas in Newcrest.

Devan: Yippie!! By the way, how many members are in your club?

Hunter: As of now, you’re the only one. I tend to ask my closest friends if they would love to join, but if you know someone who’s interested, do let me know and they’re in.

Devan: No prob!

Dustin: Come on in and check out our apartment!

Devan went inside the apartment

Devan: Wow! What a neat apartment!

Brett: *GASP* Devan! What up, bro?

Devan: You guys have such a neat apartment!

Brett: Thanks, man!

Devan: Are you guys having fun in San Myshuno?

Brett: Totally, man! All the delicious street food, street performances, karaoke, basketball and street art! San Myshuno has lots of fun activities, bro!!


Devan: Hey, Hank!!!!!

Hank: My man, Devan!! What brings you to our place?

Devan: I thought I give you all a surprise visit!

Hank: That’s very nice of you to do so! We love surprise visits!

Brett: We’re so glad to see you again, Devan!

Dustin: Feel free to stop by our place anytime!


The boys decided to dance for a bit

Brett: When you’re with the Party All Day Boys, fun never ends!!

Hank: Brett’s right. We love to party and have fun!

Midnight approaches

Devan: It’s getting late and I should head back to my apartment. Before I do so, I have a surprise for all of you!

Party All Day Boys: What?

Devan: Since you four are my best friends, I’m going to give you each a copy of my apartment key! Hunter, here’s one for you!

Hunter: Wow! Does that mean we get to stop by your place anytime?

Devan: Yup!

Hunter: Thanks, man!!

Hank: Bro, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re giving each of us a copy of your apartment key!!

Devan: You four are my best friends, besides my big blue Blarffy!

Hank: You the man, Devan!!

Dustin: Sweet!! We get to come by Devan’s place anytime and hang out!!

Brett: Devan’s a cool guy, bro!!

Devan: I must be off now! Bye, boys!!

Party All Day Boys: Bye, Devan!! See ya later!!

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