Season 1 Episode 8: Hooray! It’s Kristal! Pt. 2


Hank: Here we are at the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter district.

Kristal: It’s quite a big place! I know there’s lots of beautiful art inside!!

Hunter: Let’s go view some art!


Hank: Wow, look at this painting!

Hunter: The artist did a great job with it!


Kristal: What I really loved about this painting is that the artist has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the city!

Hank: I really enjoyed the colors the artist used in this!

Hunter: I have to agree with all of you! Now, let’s go view more art and then we’ll paint a mural.


Moments later

Hunter: Hey, I found an empty mural spot here. What do you say we do a cultural mural together?

Kristal: Sounds like a plan!

Hank: Let’s get to it!







Hank: Good job, team!

Kristal: OMG, it looks so beautiful!!

Hunter: We should go to India some day!!

Hank: That will be our next vacation destination!

Kristal: I hope I can have a chance to visit India!

Hunter: What’s next, bro?

Hank: Let’s see if we can collect some posters around here and then we’ll go for a brief walk around Myshuno Meadows. After the park walk, we’ll head to the Uptown for some dinner!

Kristal: Sounds awe-SIM! Let’s go!





Upon arriving to the Uptown District

Don: Japanese food! Authentic Japanese food! Come and get some delicious, authentic Japanese food!!

Kristal: Ooooo, Japanese food!

Hunter: It’s good timing too! It’s dinner hour right now and I’m starving!

Hank: Me too! Let’s go get some!


Hank: I got myself some ramen. I loved eating ramen! Well, instant ramen, lol.

Hunter: Now is a great time to try REAL ramen!

Kristal: Hunter and I got some dango, which is a Japanese dumpling and sweet!


Kristal: Mmmmm! This is so sweet!! I love it!


Hunter: I agree, Kristal! This is delicious! (looks at Hank) Is something wrong, bro?

Hank: I’m a little upset that I keep dropping my food because of my lack of skills with the chopsticks.

Kristal: Cheer up, Hank. You’re not alone.

Hunter: Yeah, bro. Even I have trouble with the chopsticks.

Kristal: With a little more practice, you’ll become chopstick savvy!!

Hank: I feel much better now! Thanks, guys!

Kristal: No prob! That’s what friends are for!


Kristal: Yesterday and today were so much fun! I want to thank you both and the Rutherford Brothers for taking me around San Myshuno! I’m in love with this city already!


Hunter: No prob!

Hank: I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed San Myshuno!

Kristal: I’m going to be in San Myshuno for another week and then I’m heading home.

Hunter: Hope you have a safe trip back!

Hank: Stay safe!

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