Season 1 Episode 7: Hooray! It’s Kristal! Pt. 1



Hank: Hello?

Kristal: Hey, Hank! I’m calling to let you know that I’ll be at you guys’ apartment at around 2 PM! Where do you guys live again?

Hank: We’re in 702 Zenview Apts in the Fashion District.

Kristal: Awe-SIM! I look forward to seeing you guys!!! Take care and I’ll see you guys later!

Hank: See you later, Kristal!


10 AM

Penny: Good morning, boys!! Meet my friends and neighbors, Miko and Akira!

Brett: Hello, friends! I’m Brett Rutherford and this is my brother, Dustin! Living with us are the Robertson Brothers, Hank and Hunter. Together, we’re the Party All Day Boys!

Miko: Nice to meet you, all!! We were planning to meet you all yesterday, but we were too busy to do so.

Akira: You all sound like a fun group!! So, you tend to hold parties every day?

Hunter: You can say that!

Miko: We’re the Karaoke Legends! Our basketball buddy, Darling, lives with us too! Right now, she’s at school, but you’ll meet her eventually. She’s fun!

Brett: We all love basketball!


Hunter: Basketball is fun, but I can’t play long as I get tired quickly.

Miko: Have you guys gone to GeekCon yet???

Dustin: We’ve heard of it and we’re definitely going next time it happens!

Miko: You’re going to have a blast! Lots of cosplay players, gaming competitions, you name it! It’s there!

Hank: Oh, the rent’s due. I better go pay it.

Akira: Right. Today’s Saturday.

Dustin: I know Penny’s an Internet Personality. Miko and Akira, what do you do for a living?

Akira: I work as a Tech Guru.

Hank: Oh, same here! I plan to become an eSport Gamer.

Akira: Cool! So am I! Hey, you should swing by our apartment so you and I can do a video game battle!

Hunter: Sure!

Miko: I’m a politician and what I do is raise awareness of certain causes!!

Brett: I’ve seen you protesting around town! What cause are you promoting?

Miko: Really? Cool! I’m currently promoting the Foundation of Less Mischief cause! I’m sick and tired of those pranksters blowing the air horn in my ears and tricking me with the handbuzzer!

Dustin: Mischief can be fun and bad at the same time. I truly support that cause!

Hank: Me too!

Hunter: Me three!

Brett: Me four!

Penny: What are you all planning to do today?

Hank: Today, our friend, Kristal Sims, is coming over and we’re going to treat her out to a day around San Myshuno! Dustin and Brett will take her today and tomorrow, Hunter and I will take her.

Miko: OMG, that’s exciting! I hope she’ll enjoy exploring San Myshuno! Hey, definitely treat her to some karaoke, one of the best things to do around here!!

2 PM arrives

Kristal: Woo-hoo! I’m finally here!! This is so exciting!!


*knocks on door*

Kristal: Yay!! I can’t wait to start hanging out with them!!!

Dustin: Hooray, it’s Kristal!!!! It’s so nice to see you!

Kristal: Hey, Dustin!!! Nice to see you too!! I’m so thrilled to be here!

Dustin: What brings you here to San Myshuno?

Kristal: I’m here on vacation for 2 weeks. I’m so excited to check out San Myshuno!

Dustin: Sweet!! You’re going to love San Myshuno!

Brett: Kristal!! You’re here!!

Kristal: Brett!! I remember you two from my Let’s Play The Sims 4 Dine Out!! You two are so adorable!!

Dustin: Wow, thanks, Kristal! I’m so glad we were part of your LP!

Brett: Dustin and I have lots of fun activities planned for today! Hope you’re excited!! Tomorrow, the Robertson Brothers will take you out for lots of fun around San Myshuno!

Kristal: Hooray! I’m looking forward to the fun activities you boys have planned!!

Hunter: Welcome, Kristal!! I’m Hunter Robertson! It’s nice to meet you!

Kristal: Nice to meet you too, Hunter! Wow, you’re so cute!

Hunter: Hahaha. Thanks! Hank and I heard so much about you and your fun Let’s Plays!

Kristal: Awwwww, you boys are so sweet!


Hank: Kristal is here!! I’m Hank, Hunter’s brother!

Kristal: Hey, Hank!! Nice to meet you too! Wow, you all are so cute, handsome, and kind!

Dustin: Hey, we’re a welcoming group! We love all our friends!

Brett: Ready to head out, Kristal?

Kristal: You betcha! Let’s get going!

Hunter:  Have fun, Kristal, Dustin, and Brett!

Hank: See you all later!!


30 minutes later

Brett: Here we are at Skye Fitness in the Uptown District!!

Dustin: We’re going to play some basketball, one of our favorite sports!

Kristal: Basketball? That sounds like fun! Let’s go!


Dustin: Shall we do a hoops competition?

Kristal: Okay!

Brett: Yeah, let’s do it! Kristal, you go first!

Kristal: Thank you, boys. Okay, here I go!


shoots basketball and it goes in

Kristal: All right! I got one in!!

Brett and Dustin: Woo!! You go, Kristal!


Brett: My turn!!

Dustin: You can do it, bro!


shoots basketball and it goes in

Brett: Oh, yeah! I got one in!!


Dustin: Way to go, bro!

Kristal: Yay!!! Way to go, Brett!!


Dustin: My turn! Here goes nothing!


shoots basketball and misses

Dustin: Darn it!

Brett: That was bad, man!

After the match

Kristal: That was a great game! What’s next?

Dustin: Let’s go sing some karaoke!

Moments later

Dustin: Here we are at Waterside Warble in the Spice District!! I hope you’re ready for some karaoke fun!

Kristal: I’m so excited to sing some karaoke tonight!

Brett: Let’s go get a room and start singing!


After getting the room

Dustin: We’re going to be singing Daylight by Maroon 5.

Brett: You’re going to love this song!

Kristal: Woo hoo!! I’m looking forward to seeing you boys sing!!


*song ends*

Kristal: That was SIM-tastic, boys!! Bravo!! *claps hands*

Dustin and Brett: Thank you, Kristal!!

Kristal: I’ve got a song I want to sing!

Dustin: Go ahead, Kristal!! We love to hear you sing!


Kristal: Okay, I’m going to be singing my favorite song, Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey!

Dustin: Woot!! Go, Kristal!!

Brett: You can do it!!

Kristal: Here goes nothing.






*song ends*

Dustin: Yeah, Kristal!! Woot!! You rock!! Beautiful song!

Brett: We love you, Kristal!!

Kristal: Awwww, thank you, boys!


The group watches a music performance

Brett:  Yo, that’s Kyle Cooper playing the guitar!!

Dustin: Yup! That’s our man, Kyle, rocking that guitar!

Kristal: You guys know him?

Brett: We and Kyle go back to the college times. We used to hang out during lunch time and go to sporting events together! By the way, he’s one of the Goofy Comedians! He loves to make people laugh and smile and he puts on fantastic guitar performances!


Kristal: Impressive performance! Here, 100 Simoleons!

Kyle: Gee, thank you! I’m glad you love the performance!

Dustin and Brett: Hey, Kyle! Excellent performance!! Here, 100 Simoleons for you!

Kyle: Oh, hey, it’s the Rutherford Brothers! Thank you for the tips! I appreciate it!


Now to watch the living statue

Dustin: All right! You go, man!

Kristal: WOO-HOO!!

Brett: LOL!! This is awesome!!


Kristal: Let’s each tip the living statue 100 Simoleons!

Dustin and Brett: I’m with you, Kristal!

Each person tips the statue 100 Simoleons

Brett: I’m hungry!

Kristal: Look! There’s an Indian food stand right there! Let’s go eat some Indian food!


Food Vendor: Good evening, folks! What would you like?

Brett: I would like a Bhel Puri, please!

Kristal: One Samosa, please!

Dustin: I would like some curry, please!

Food Vendor: Excellent choices!! Just a heads up, these dishes are super spicy! I hope you guys can handle them!


After getting their food


Dustin: Is the Bhel Puri too hot for you?


Kristal: Brett, what is Bhel Puri?

Brett: It’s a savory snack, made out of puffed rice, vegetables, and a tamarind sauce.


Kristal: Ouch! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Dustin: You alright, Kristal?

Kristal: I’m okay. Gee, this is so spicy!


Dustin: Mmmmm. This curry is tasty!!

Kristal: Even though this samosa is spicy, I love it!


Dustin: YIKES! This is super spicy!!!


Brett: Oh no, here I go again! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Dustin: We’re so looking forward to the day we become spice hounds.


Dustin: Here I go again! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Brett: LOLOL! Look at us! We’re fire-breathing dragons!!

Kristal: LOL!!!

Dustin: Indian food is really spicy!!

The group finished their dinner

Brett: To finish our time together, let’s head back to the apartment and play some Party Frenzy!

Kristal: All right! Let’s go!


At the apartment

All: Party Frenzy!!

Brett: Whoa, that was a close call!!

Dustin: No one’s getting in my way!

Kristal: Come on, come on, come on!!

Kristal: Ready for some golf, boys?

Dustin: You betcha!

Brett: Let’s do this!!

Kristal: All right! A hole in one!!

Dustin: Concentrate. Concentrate.

Brett: UGH!! MISSED!!!

Dustin: OH YEAH! WOO-HOO! I win!!

Kristal: So did I!!!!

Brett: Congrats, you two!

Kristal: Thank you!! Sorry you lost, but at least you had fun, right?

Brett: I did, and that’s the most important thing.

Dustin: Agreed!


Kristal: LOL! We had so much fun today!

Dustin: Agreed!

Brett: Best day ever!

Kristal: Thank you so much for taking me around San Myshuno!!

Dustin and Brett: No prob, Kristal!

Kristal: I can’t wait to hang out with the Robertson Brothers tomorrow!!

Songs featured

Daylight by Maroon 5 (listen on YouTube)

Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey (listen on YouTube)

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