Season 1 Episode 6: Watch Out, Here Come the Party All Day Boys!

Saturday Night


Dustin: After a long journey, we all made it San Myshuno!


Brett: I can’t wait to get out there and explore! I’m looking forward to hanging out at the karaoke bars and sing the night away!

HankWe’re going to rock San Myshuno! Right, boys?

Dustin, Brett, and Hunter: YEAH!


Hank: Let me look up our apartment info. We’re living in 702 Zenview Apts in the Fashion District. This apartment comes with one lot trait: Quake Zone and our rent is 1200 Simoleons per week.

Dustin: Uh oh, with that trait, does that mean we get earthquakes?

Hank: Sadly, yes. We’ve come from states that experience earthquakes and we said that we don’t want to experience another earthquake ever again! Good news is that this trait can be exchangeable for other traits. Let’s exchange that for Party Place trait. That trait can enchance our parties and make them extra special! That leaves us with two traits left to select. Which two should we pick?

Brett: Let’s pick the Penny Pixies and Fast Internet traits!

Dustin: Penny Pixies because we love finding loose change everywhere.

Hunter: Faster internet speed is what we love!

Hank: Okay, so Penny Pixies and Fast Internet it is. Before we turn in for the night, let’s play a round of video games! I remembered to bring the video game console with me! Who’s with me?

Hunter: I am! I love video games!

Dustin: Me too!

Brett: Me three!

Hank: LOL. Okay, let’s set up the console and get playing!


All: Party Frenzy!!


Dustin: Woot!! A strike!!

Hunter: Gosh darn it!! I only got one pin down!

Hank: Focus, focus, focus.

Brett: I got half of the pins?!


Hank: A spare! Not bad!

Brett: What? I was so close to getting a strike!


Brett: I missed the pins again??! Seriously??

Dustin, Hank and Hunter: Whoa!


At the end of the round.

Brett: Yes!! I win!!

Dustin: Awww, come on! I was so close to winning!

Hunter: Gosh! I’m not even close! I’m dead last!

Hank: Eh, I’ll do better next time.


Brett: You’re looking at the winner of Party Frenzy!!

Dustin: Congrats, bro! You did great!

Hank: Congrats, man!

Hunter: Way to go, Brett!

Dustin: Okay, boys! Time for bed. Tomorrow, we’re going exploring!


Dustin: Here we are at the Spice Market district! Wow, there’s a flea market going on now!

Brett: Yo, look! There’s a basketball court! What do you say we shoot some hoops?

Hank: That’s sounds great! Let’s do that.

Hunter: I’ll just shoot a few hoops and then I’ll check out the flea market.


Dustin: Let’s start having some fun!

Brett: Oh yeah!

Hank: Let’s shoot some hoops!

Hunter: Oh, well. I’ll do it just for 5 minutes.


5 minutes later.

Hunter: Okay, I’m done! I’ll be checking out the flea market!

Brett: Okay, bro! Hope you find something awesome there!


Dylan: Crystals! Crystals! Come and buy these beautiful crystals!!


Hunter: Look at all these neat crystals!! Which one should I buy?!

Dylan: Have you started your crystal collection yet?

Hunter: No, I haven’t.

Dylan: Now it’s a good time! You’re in luck! We have some of the rarest crystals here! Get them before someone else does!

Hunter: I’m going to purchase this Emerald, Peach, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Rainborz.

Dylan: Whoa, you’re going to purchase 5 crystals?? Let me tell you, the Rainborz is rare and the Amethyst is uncommon!

Hunter: Aw, sweet!!

Dylan: Let me calculate your total.

*calculates total*

Dylan: Your total comes to 225 Simoleons.

Hunter: Here’s 300 Simoleons!

Dylan: Thank you! Here’s your change, 75 Simoleons! Have a nice day and enjoy your crystals!

Hunter: Thank you! You too have a nice day!

Dustin: WHAT?! I missed that shot?! Darn it!

Hank: Sweet!! I got one in!!

Hunter: This lamp looks so cool!

*reads tag*

Hunter: Cool! This is a Lemonade on a Sunny Day Torchiere and it costs 278 Simoleons! I’ll take it!

*Finds seller and pays for lamp*

Hunter: This will look cool in our apartment!

Brett: GRRRR. Missed again!

Hunter: You won’t believe what I got from the flea market! I got 5 crystals and a Lemonade on a Sunny Day Torchiere! One crystal I got is rare and another is uncommon!

Hank: Sweet, man! Looks like you had fun at the flea market!

Dustin: Yo, I’m hungry! Let’s eat!

Brett: There’s a Vietnamese food stand open.

Hank: Vietnamese food? I’ve been wanting to try that for a while. Let’s go!


Don: Good day, gentlemen. What would you like?

Dustin: I would like a Banh Mi sandwich!

Hunter: I’ll have a Banh Mi sandwich too!

Hank: One Goi Cuon, please!

Brett: One Pho, please!

Don: Coming right up!


Brett: AHHHHHH!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

Dustin: Too spicy for you, Brett?

Brett: Wayyyy too hot, man!


Hank: Mmmmm, this is delicious!

Dustin: I’ve never heard of Goi Cuon. What’s in it?

Hank: I read that it’s a spring roll consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables, rice vermicelli, and other ingredients wrapped in bánh tráng, which is rice paper.

Dustin: Sweet! I should try that next time!


Brett: Mmmm. Even though this Pho is extra spicy, I like it! Hey, I think I’m getting the hang of using chopsticks!


Hunter: Bro, you need to try this Banh Mi sandwich!

Hank: I’ve heard of it, but never tried it. What’s in it?

Hunter: Pork belly, cucumber slices, carrots, cilantro, and mayonnaise,

Hank: Yum! I’m definitely trying that next time we see a Vietnamese food stand!


Brett: Yo, next time, I should try some more spicy food! By doing so, I can build immunity and become a Spice Hound!

Dustin: It’s going to have to take time for you to become one! Eat more spicy food and you’ll be one in no time!


Hunter: I LOVE MUSIC PERFORMANCES!! I wish Mom was here.

Hank: Our mother is a talented violin! Oh, Hunter and I miss listening to her playing her violin.

Brett: This musician’s violin talent is astonishing! I feel like it can put me to sleep!

Dustin: I remember in 7th grade, my music teacher took us on a field to a concert hall and we watched an impressive violin solo!


Hank: Boys, this performance is out of this world! Let’s each tip her 100 Simoloens!

Hunter, Brett, and Dustin: Sure thing!

The boys each tipped the musician 100 Simoleons.

Don: Chinese food! Come and enjoy some delicious Chinese food!!

Brett: Yo,  look! A Chinese food stand!!

Hunter: We’re big fans of Chinese food, right?

Dustin: Brett and I always loved the orange chicken and chow mein from our local Chinese takeout place!!

Hank: Hunter and I loved going to this Chinese restaurant in Seattle and they have the BEST roasted duck and honey BBQ pork! So delicious!

Hunter: Let’s go grab some Chinese food!


After getting the food

Brett: I’m having the Sweet and Sour Pork!

Dustin: I’m having the Sweet and Sour Eggplant!

Hank: I love them egg rolls, so I decided to have them tonight.

Hunter: Let’s see how well I can handle this Mapo Tofu with Pork. I was warned that this is spicy.

Dustin: This can also give us a chance to learn how to use chopsticks!

Hank: What are we waiting for? Let’s eat!


Brett: Delicious! This pork goes really well with the rice!

Dustin: I used to hate eggplants as a child, but now, I LOVE IT!! This Sweet and Sour Eggplant is out of this world!



Hank: LOLOL! Too hot for you, bro?

Hunter: This is way out of my league!


Hunter: Even those this Mapo Tofu with Pork is spicy, I love it!

Hank: Glad to hear that, bro! These egg rolls are divine!

Dustin: It’s going to be difficult using these chopsticks as a first-timer.


Hunter: Oh no, here I go again. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Hank: Oh, geez, Hunter. Calm down and get some water.

Dustin: Whoops, I dropped my food on the ground. Looks like I need to practice more with the chopsticks!


Hank: Hey, nice night, isn’t it?

Penny: It certainly is!

Dustin: I’m Dustin Rutherford and this is my bro, Brett! These are our friends, the Robertson Brothers, Hank and Hunter. Together, we’re the Party All Day Boys!

Penny: Nice to meet you, all! I’m Penny Pizzazz! You might’ve seen me on the billboards around the Fashion District! I’m the source of all the latest trends and happenings around San Myshuno!


Hunter: I’ve seen you on lots of billboards around the Fashion District! You’re so pretty!

Penny: Awww, thank you!

Dustin: We live here in the Fashion District.

Penny: Awesome! Where?

Brett: 702 Zenview Apts.

Penny: My friends, Miko, Akira, and Darling, live in 701 Zenview Apts! I live in 1312 21 Chic Street! You, the Karaoke Legends, and I are neighbors! How cool is that??

All: Super radical!


Penny: What do you guys do for a living??

Dustin: I’m an entertainer.

Hank: I’m a tech guru.

Hunter: Brett and I are social media stars.

Penny: OMG! You two are doing the Social Media career? That’s one of the best careers out there! What branch are you both planning to pursue?

Hunter: Brett and I going to pursue the Internet Personality branch!

Penny: So cool!! Hey, we should do a video together! Maybe a collaboration video on the sightings of San Myshuno!

Brett: Sounds like a radical idea!


Around midnight

Hank: It’s best that we go now. It’s getting late. We’ll see you around?

Penny: Okay, no prob! Yes, I’ll see you all around! It was a pleasure meeting you all. Have a good night!


Back at the apartment

Dustin: Hey, don’t forget that Kristal Sims is in San Myshuno and she’s coming over to our place tomorrow!!

Brett: That’s right! Can’t wait to see her!

Hank: We love Kristal! I can’t wait to finally meet her!

Hunter: She’s one of the best Simmers in the Simming community!

Hank: We agreed that you and Brett will take her out tomorrow and Hunter and I will take her out the next day!

Dustin: Brett and I will treat Kristal to some karaoke, basketball, dinner at the Spice Market District, and video games!

Hank: Those sound like fun activities. As for what Hunter and I have planned for our time with Kristal, we’re going to the Casbah Gallery to view some art and paint a mural. After that, we’re going to collect some posters and go for a brief walk around Myshuno Meadows. To end the day, we’ll have some dinner at the Uptown District.

Hunter: Kristal is going to love doing art murals!!


Hank: It’s settled! Man, I’m so excited for tomorrow, I might have trouble sleeping!

Dustin: Same here! It’s unbelievable that we finally get to meet the Simmer who did the Let’s Play that starred us.

Brett: IN PERSON! How cool is that??

Hunter: Totally rad, man!

Hank: Ok, ok, I know we’re excited, but let’s calm down and get ready for bed. Tomorrow’s going to a fun-filled today!

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4 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 6: Watch Out, Here Come the Party All Day Boys!

    1. I’ve eaten lots of Chinese food and some Vietnamese food. Sweet and Sour Pork is one of my favorite Chinese dishes, besides fried noodles and egg rolls. It’s one of the most popular dishes in Cantonese cuisine. As for Vietnamese, the Banh Mi sandwiches are so filling and the pho can get a bit spicy. There are lots of Asian restaurants and markets where I live.

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