Season 1 Episode 5: An Artistic Adventure


Ramona: Happy Saturday, girls! For breakfast, we’re having pancakes!

Amy: Hooray for pancakes!

Charlotte: Ah, Saturday! A great day to have fun!

Amy: What do you girls want to do today?

Ramona: Let’s go to the Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter district and view some art and paint some murals!

Charlotte: Let’s also wear the new clothes we got yesterday from San Myshuno Fashion Collection! I can’t wait to wear that printed dress I got!

Amy: YES! Let’s wear them! I love the new dress I got!

Ramona: That set I got goes well with my favorite wedges!!

Amy: It’s settled! Ladies, we’re going on an artistic adventure!

After breakfast

Amy: Here we are at the Casbah Gallery!

Charlotte: Let’s get inside and view some beautiful art!

Charlotte: This artist captured the essence of the city very well!

Ramona: Ooooo, I love the vivid colors of this painting!


Amy: Want to get started on a street mural? I saw an empty spot we can do it on!

Charlotte: Sure! What kind of mural would you like to do?

Amy: Let’s do a cultural mural!

Ramona: Sounds great! Come on! Let’s get painting!




Amy: A job well done, ladies!

Ramona: I love it!

Charlotte: Doing street murals is fun!!

Amy: There’s a wall mural at the back of the Casbah Gallery that’s left unfinished! Let’s finish it!





Amy: We painted some koi fish! How cute!

Charlotte: This has been a fun artistic adventure!

Ramona: After painting those murals, I feel so inspired!

Amy: It’s getting late! Let’s head home!

After arriving back

Amy: Time to prepare some siopao and this time, I’ll be more careful!

10 minutes later

Amy: Girls, I’ve prepared some siopao! Come and get it!

Ramona: Mmmmm. This is scrumptious!! Amy, you did a wonderful job cooking this!

Charlotte: Wow! I love it! Amy, when did you learn this recipe?

Amy: Yesterday, I had a day off and I decided to take a walk around Myshuno Meadows. After my walk, I saw a Filipino food stand and I thought I grab a siopaoSiopao are steamed pork buns and they’re served in Chinese restaurants in the Philippines! It was so delicious I had to ask for the recipe.


Ramona: Next time we walk around San Myshuno, let’s hope there’s an Asian food stand open! I’ve always loved Chinese and Indian food, but I’m hoping to try Vietnamese, Japanese, and more Filipino cuisine!

Amy: If we go to a Japanese food stand, do be careful with the Fugu (pufferfish) nigiri! If it’s poor quality, there’s a chance you’ll die from it! If it’s excellent, you’ll survive. It’s best you avoid eating it unless you’re confident that the stand will serve excellent quality Fugu nigiri!

Charlotte: Yeah, I knew about the Fugu nigiri. I personally would want to try the regular nigiri.

Ramona: Same here. No worries, we’ll careful!

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