Season 1 Episode 3: Amy’s Garden Depot



Amy: Here I am! My garden shop! I’m so excited to opening my store for the first time! The customers will enjoy the high quality products we sell here!


Amy: Before I open, let me send a tweet to Simter, telling my followers about my grand opening of my garden shop!


9 PM arrives

Amy: Good morning, Sally! I hope you are ready for today!

Sally: I sure am! What’s my task for today?

Amy: You are to answer any questions the customers might have.

Sally: Got it!


Amy: Good morning! You must be my landlord, Saya?

Saya: That’s right!

Amy: How is it being a landlord?

Saya: Let me be honest: it’s tiring. I have to make sure there aren’t any major problems in the apartments and that the residents pay their rent on time. Speaking of rent, don’t forget that your rent is due this Saturday!

Amy: No problem!

Saya: So, this is your garden shop? What do you sell here?


Amy: We offer an abundance of fresh harvestables, bird feeders, water sliders, and backyard decor! We also have gardening tools!

Saya: Awesome! I’m looking for some new crops to plant. What would recommend?

Amy: Why not try growing some dahlias? They’re my favorite flowers. For spices, try growing mint. You can do lots of things with mint, besides refreshing your breath! You can make mint water, add it to salad, and make potpourri with it.

Saya: I’m going to give those a try! Thanks!


Mila: Excuse me! I’m in the need of assistance.

Amy: Good day! You must be Mila Munch? From Windenburg?

Mila: Yup! My sons and I are here on vacation. Our backyard needs some plants. Can you recommend me some?

Amy: We have some Irises, Lupins, and some of the beautiful topiaries outside! My personal favorite? The Overgrown Rose Bush.


Amy: I’m getting lots of customers today. Probably today’s a good day for shopping.


Amy: Hello, Mila! What will you be purchasing today?

Mila: I’m going to purchase this Leaf’s Cascade. It’s so pretty!!

Amy: Excellent choice! That’ll be 687 Simoleons.

Mila: I’ll be using my credit card.

Amy: Thank you. Just give a sec.

*does transaction*

Amy: You’re all set! Thank you for shopping at Amy’s Garden Depot! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Mila: I will! Thank you!


Amy: Good day, sir! I see you’re interested in this bird feeder?

Jose: Yup! I’m a bird enthusiast and I love watching all kinds of birds flying around my backyard.

Amy: I love birds too! Okay, your total comes up to 343 Simoleons.

Jose: Here’s 400 Simoleons.

Amy: Thank you! Here’s your change, 58 Simoleons. Thank you for shopping at Amy’s Garden Depot! Have a lovely day!

Jose: Thank you! You too!


Amy: Ah, Mortimer Goth! How is your family doing?

Mortimer: Pretty well. Bella and I have been out partying with our friends. In addition, I’ve just recently published my latest book! As for Alex and Cassandra, they’re doing well in school.

Amy: You’re a writer? Awesome! My friend, Ramona, is one too! She writes sci-fi, mystery, and romance novels.

Mortimer: Cool! Some day I should meet her and we can share ideas together! Anyway, I would like to purchase this bird feeder!

Amy: Excellent choice. Okay, your total comes up to 343 Simoleons.

Mortimer: Here’s 350 Simoleons.

Amy: Thank you! Here’s your change, 7 Simoleons! Have a lovely day!

Mortimer: Thanks! You too!


Amy: Hello, sir!! I see you’re interested in this AHHH! Jaws of Death- Lawn Water Slide.

Dominic: Yes I am! I thought it would be nice to have some water slide fun at our house.

Amy: If I remember correctly, your daughters are in conflicting clubs. Siobhan in the Paragons club. and Morgan in the Renegades club.

Dominic: That’s right. Every single day, our girls would fight and yell at each other. It drives me and Moira crazy!

Amy: I’m sure there’s a way to make things less tense around your house! Anyway, your total comes up to 3087 Simoleons!

Dominic: Whoa, that’s expensive. Here’s my credit card.

Amy: Thank you! Just give me a sec.

*does transaction*

Amy: You’re all set! Thank you for shopping at Amy’s Garden Depot! Have a wonderful day!

Dominic: Thank you! You too!


Amy: All right! I’ve made 4243 Simoleons and I’ve been open for 8 hours. Before I head home to cook dinner, I need to restock those items. When I have enough employees, I’ll have one of them restock the products.


When Amy arrived home

Amy: Okay, time to prepare some siopao! The girls are going to love it as much as I do!


A fire breaks out.

Amy: Uh oh, this can’t be good.

Amy catches on fire.

Amy: GIRLS!!! HELP ME!!! I’M ON FIRE!!!!!!

Ramona: *GASP* Girl, just hang in there! I’m going to get the fire extinguisher and take care of the fire!

Charlotte: Oh dear, oh dear! Our best friend is on fire!!!

Ramona: No worries, folks! I’m here to put out the fire!!

Amy: Ramona, thank you so much for saving me and putting out this fire!

Amy: Oh man. An attempt to cook some delicious siopao for the girls has failed! Ouch! This hurts!

Ramona: I’m glad I took the initiative to put the fire!

Amy: If it weren’t for you, I would been roasted. Again, thank you for saving me!

Ramona: That’s what friends are for!

Charlotte: What happened, Amy?

Amy: I was going to prepare some siopao for you all when the stove unexpectedly caught on fire.

Ramona: OMG, siopao! I always wanted to try it.

Charlotte: Same here! It was so sweet of you that you wanted to prepare them for us! I’m sorry things didn’t go as expected.

Amy: Next time, I should be careful with the stove. Now if you all will excuse me, I need to go take a bath.

Ramona: I’ll prepare some Faux BLTs. When you’re done with your bath, come and grab yourself a serving.

Charlotte: Mmmmmm!! This is delicious! What’s the difference between a regular BLT and a Faux BLT?

Ramona: The Faux BLT is vegan friendly. It uses vegan bacon, which is high in protein and fiber and low in fat.

Charlotte: I’ve tried lots of BLTs, but the Faux BLT stands out!

*Music blasts from Victor and Lily’s apartment*


Charlotte: It’s coming from Lily and Victor’s apartment.

Amy: I just took my bath and I’m still singed. Ugh, loud music?! I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

Charlotte: After you finish your dinner, go take a shower and after that, you should feel clean.

Ramona: I’ll be right back. I’m going to go deal with this!

Ramona: HELLO??!! It’s our fellow neighbor next door!! I need to talk to you about the noise!!

Charlotte: Well?

Ramona: I pounded on their door and I didn’t get any response!

Charlotte: What?! Are you serious? You pounded their door loudly and they don’t respond? That’s downright rude! It’s like they’re not considerate about us!

Ramona: I know, right?!

Charlotte: I’ll go over there and ask them to keep it down!



Victor: You better have a good excuse to interrupt me during my house party!!

Charlotte: A house party?? And you didn’t invite us??!!

Victor: This party I’m having is only for my closest politician friends.

Charlotte: Listen, Ramona and I are stressed by the fact Amy just caught on fire!! Plus, we’re not big fans of loud music!! If you don’t turn down the music right now, I’m calling the landlord over and she’ll deal with this!! Am I clear?!


Victor: Okay, Charlotte. I’m sorry for what happened to Amy and I hope she feels better. I’m also sorry for blasting loud music. I didn’t know you ladies don’t like loud music. Our party doesn’t end until midnight, so we’ll keep it down from now. Thank you for letting me about this.

Charlotte: You’re welcome. Enjoy the rest of your party and I apologize for being really angry at you.

Victor: It’s okay. I completely understand.

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7 thoughts on “Season 1 Episode 3: Amy’s Garden Depot

  1. I’ve never been able to resolve the noisy neighbor thing! My Sims’ neighbors always accuse them of being noisy when they’re being quiet, but then the neighbors complain and swear that they’re now enemies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had that happen too! Off camera, I had the ladies do their normal activities such as using the computer and watching TV. A few seconds later, Lily Feng came by to tell the ladies to quiet down, resulting in a small drop in the relationships.

      I also realized that our Sims get angry easily and way too fast over the noisy neighbors.

      Liked by 1 person

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