Season 1 Episode 2: Ramona’s Bookstore



Ramona: Good morning, girls! I’ve prepared eggs and toast for breakfast! Today, I’m having my grand opening of my bookstore!

Charlotte: Today’s a very busy day! I have to get my art gallery ready for the grand opening this Thursday.

Amy: I have to get my garden shop ready for grand opening tomorrow. At the same time, I’ll be maintaining my social media profile. So far, I have 45 followers and I’m hoping to reach 100 by the end of this week!

Ramona: Looks like all of us will be busy with our stores! I wished San Myshuno had some empty lots for us to build them.

Amy: Agreed. We already agreed to have all our stores located in Magnolia Promenade, which is 30 minutes away from here.

After breakfast

Ramona: Okay, girls! I’m heading out now!

Charlotte: Good luck!

Amy: You’ll do great, Ramona! Everyone will love your store and your books!

Ramona: Thanks, girls!


30 minutes later

Ramona: Here I am! McPenny’s Book Universe! Don’t worry, Mom and Dad! I’m going to keep our bookstore in good hands!


Ramona: The customers are going to love Beryl Heffner’s Love & Ruin books!! I have to say, this is my #1 favorite romance novel!


9 AM arrives

Ramona: It’s grand opening time! Bring on the customers!!


Ramona: Good Morning, Felipe!! How are you this fine morning?

Felipe: I’m alright. So, what’s my duty today?

Ramona: Your job is to answer any questions the customers might have.

Felipe: Got it, boss!


Ramona: Greetings!! Welcome to McPenny’s Book Universe!! You must be my landlord, Saya?

Saya: That’s right. You’re Ramona and you and your two friends, Charlotte and Amy, live in the VII Landgraab Apts?

Ramona: Correct!

Saya: How are you getting along with your neighbors? Are you enjoy your apartment?


Ramona: Our neighbors are really nice. The Fengs are a very wealthy and friendly couple. Diego Lobo is such a cutie and he’s an arts critic! My friends and I learned that he’s into art, just like Charlotte! How cool is that? As for our apartment, I love the free maid service and great views of San Myshuno we get from our apartment. The internet speed is unbelievably fast. I could get my writing done in a flash!

Saya: I’m pleased to hear that you’re enjoying your apartment and neighbors! Should any problems or disputes arise, I’m just a phone call away!

Ramona: No problem! We’ll let you know if any problems arise!


Saya: So this is your bookstore? What do you offer here?

Ramona: We offer a variety of books, from best sellers to my own books.

Saya: You write books? What kind?

Ramona: I write romance, sci-fi, and mystery novels. Not only we sell books, but also book decor!

Saya: Super! Well, I’ll look around and I’ll let you know if I have any questions or I’m ready to check out.

Ramona: No problem! Happy shopping!

Ramona: Ah, Lily! Welcome to my family’s bookstore! How are you doing on this beautiful sunny day?

Lily: I’m doing well, thank you. Today’s my day off and I thought I would take the day to go around town and do some shopping.

Ramona: Well, I’m glad you stopped by my family’s bookstore! Are you in the need of any assistance?

Lily: I’m just browsing for now. Tell me a bit about your family’s bookstore.

Ramona: My parents opened this store when I was 5 years old. Starting from high school, I helped them around the bookstore. What I do there is catalog the book inventory, send orders for more book copies, and clean up the store before opening time and after closing time. After I finished college, my parents passed the ownership to me. This bookstore not only sells books, but also book decor. This is an exciting moment for me, but I’m not sure how well this will go.

Lily: I’m sure you’ll be in good hands with your family’s bookstore!

Ramona: My parents ran this store without any major troubles. I’m hoping to do the same.


Lily: If you want a successful business, a key factor is to manage your money wisely. The funds you have for your store are used for your employees’ paychecks, for buying inventory, promoting your business, and replacing and repairing tools and equipment, and most importantly, keep your business running.

Ramona: Got it.

Lily: Another key factor is that it’s all about the customer. No customer would want anything pricey, unless they’re rich like me and Victor. You might be attempted to sell your items at a low price. Good for the customer, but not for your business. Remember that you need the money to keep your business running. So, try to sell your items at a reasonable price range. Interact with your customers, tell them what’s good here and if they’re set on a particular item, you can close the deal and check them out.

Ramona: That is very insightful info. Thank you!

Lily: You’re welcome! I wish you the best!


3 hours later

Ramona: Ready to check out?

Lily: Yes. I’ll be purchasing the Nicer Homes and Lots Classic Cookbook. I plan to learn some new Western food recipes during my spare time.

Ramona: Excellent choice! Your total is 262 Simoleons.

Lily: I’m going to use my credit card for this.

Ramona: Okay.

*does transaction*

Ramona: You’re all set! Thank you for shopping at McPenny’s Book Universe! Please come again!

Lily: Thank you, Ramona! Have a pleasant day!


Saya: I’m ready to check out!

Ramona: Coming!!

goes to Saya and begins checking her out

Saya: I’m going to purchase the Nicer Homes and Lots Classic Cookbook. Nowadays, I’ve been trying to find new recipes to cook.

Ramona: Excellent choice. Your total is 262 Simoleons.

Saya: Here’s my credit card.

Ramona: Thank you. Just give me a sec.

*does transaction*

Ramona: You’re all set! Thank you for shopping at McPenny’s Book Universe! Have a nice day!

Saya: Thank you! You too!


Ramona: Well, good day, Victor! Nice to see you here! Do you any help?

Victor: Good day to you too! I’m just browsing, thank you.


Ramona: Lily was here a moment ago and she purchased a cookbook. She said that she’s looking forward to trying out new Western recipes!

Victor: Ah, Lily. She loves to cook. Someday, you and your friend need to come over for dinner and try her roast goose. Really tender and it goes so well with plum sauce!

Ramona: My friends and I are always open to try new food! Of course, we’d love to try it.


30 minutes until closing time

Ramona: We’re just about to close for the day. I’m here to check up on you, Felipe. How are you doing so far?

Felipe: I like it here. I just have one request. Could I help you redecorate?

Ramona: That would be nice! Thank you! This store could a couple of decorations and better colors!

Felipe: Yeah, you should decorate your bookstore with some posters of the nation’s best sellers and add a bit of a floral touch with some flowers!

Ramona: I like those ideas!

At the end of the day.

Ramona: Okay, today’s profit is 1113 Simoleons and I’ve been open for 7 hours. I sold two Nicer Homes and Lots Classic Cookbooks and one set of antique tomes. A great first day! Now to head home to cook dinner.

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    1. I’m so glad you found it and I’m so excited to have you reading! Thank you so much! 🙂

      I haven’t play retail stores in a long time since I’ve focused so much on the restaurants. I feels good to be back playing them! Best part? I don’t have to worry about a star rating.

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