Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

D/N: Welcome to Madness in San Myshuno, a Sims 4 comedy sitcom! This series will follow the lives of the San Myshuno residents! I hope you’ll enjoy it! Without further ado, let’s get started!


Ramona: Here we are, ladies! San Myshuno! It’s quite a big city!

Amy: It’s as big as San Francisco and L.A!

Charlotte: I can’t wait for us to start exploring San Myshuno!

Amy: Imagine the wonderful things we can do here: karaoke, street food, flea markets, and street murals! So many fun activities to do!

Ramona: Let me look up our apartment info. We’re living in VIII Landgraab Apts in the Uptown District. The lot traits are Great View and Serviced Apartment and our rent costs 5000 Simoleons per week. We must not forget to pay our rent on time!

Amy: Oooo. Lot traits! What do the ones we have do?

Ramona: With Great View trait, we gain a positive moodlet within a view range of a window. In other words, we can get a nice scenic view of San Myshuno from our apartment. This is a unique trait, so unfortunately, we cannot exchange that for other lot traits.

Charlotte: We can’t? Even if we get an apartment with the “Needs TLC” trait and we hate cockroaches and power outages, we can’t remove that?

Ramona: Exactly. Thank god we didn’t choose an apartment with that trait. Now about the Serviced Apartment trait, this is a special one! There will be a maid who will come clean our apartment Monday through Friday at 9 am. The price of the maid’s service is already included in our rent.

Amy: #thehighclasslife

Ramona: That’s right, Amy! By the way, each lot can have up to 3 traits! What shall be our third?

Charlotte: Hmmmm. How about the Fast Internet trait?

Amy: OMG, YES! I always hate whenever I go online, it takes FOREVER for a website to load!

Ramona: I agree. So, Fast Internet it is! This can allow me to get my writing done.

Amy: I wish we can exchange those unique traits for others.

Charlotte: I know. Here’s what I wished our apartment traits should be: Natural Light, Fast Internet, and Homey. With the Natural Light trait, I can improve my painting skills faster! We already know the Fast Internet trait can help Ramona finish her writing. The Homey trait can help Amy improve her gardening skills.

Ramona: Agreed, but we have to stick with whatever unique traits we have. I honestly love the unique traits our apartment came with.

Charlotte: Me too!

Amy: Me three!

1o minutes later

Charlotte: Sounds like the welcome wagon is here! Let’s go greet our neighbors!

Amy: Hello, fellow neighbors!! My name is Amy Barratt and these are my friends, Charlotte Douglas and Ramona McPenny. We have just moved in.

Lily: Welcome to San Myshuno! I’m Lily Feng and this is my husband, Victor. We live next door.

Victor: Welcome, ladies!! We’re hope you’ll enjoy living here in San Myshuno!

Diego:  I’m Diego Lobo and I live in the Alto Apartments. Welcome to breathtaking San Myshuno! As a tradition in the welcome wagon, I brought some fruitcake for you ladies.

Ramona: Wow. Fruitcake! Never tried it before.

Charlotte: So, what do you guys do for a living?

Victor: I’m a politician. My fellow politicians and I give speeches to the citizens. Our speeches deal with law changes or new laws. Once we’ve finished giving our speeches, we ask the citizens to vote on either the law changes or new laws should go in effect or not.

Amy: That’s cool!

Lily: I work as a businesswoman in an office environment. It’s stressful doing paperwork every day!

Ramona: I feel you. When I was in college, I worked as a secretary at the admissions office. SO MUCH PAPERWORK.

Diego: I work as an Arts Critic for the San Myshuno Times.

Charlotte: An arts critic? Sweet! I hope you can critique my paintings some day!

Diego: Can’t wait to check them out! Not only do I critique paintings, but also street performances!

Amy: So, where are you guys from?

Victor: Lily and I are from Hong Kong. We’ve moved to San Myshuno after I got the politician position here.

Ramona: Oooo, Hong Kong! I’ve been there before! Very beautiful city!

Charlotte: Lily, I love your dress! This is a 旗袍 (qípáo), right?

Lily: That’s correct! A qipao is the traditional one piece Chinese dress for women.

Amy and Ramona: It’s beautiful!

Lily: Thank you, kindly! Anyway, where are you ladies originally from?

Charlotte: We’re from California. I’m from L.A., Ramona’s from Long Beach, and Amy’s from San Francisco.

Lily: Ah, sunny California. We’ve been to L.A. and San Francisco. Both cities had busy streets and a beautiful Chinatown. In fact, San Francisco’s Chinatown is HUGE.

Amy: That’s right. Did you know San Francisco’s Chinatown is the first and highly visited Chinatown in the US? I’ve been there and I tell you, lots of fantastic food and shops there! How often you go to California?

Lily: I go there mostly on business. Sometimes we go there during summer break.

Ramona: I’ve been to Hong Kong before! That was two years and it’s a beautiful city! I have some pictures from my trip! Want to see?

Lily: Sure!

Ramona shows Lily pictures from her Hong Kong trip

Lily: I’ve been to the Peak before! It’s the highest point on Hong Kong Island.

Ramona: Since you know your way around Hong Kong, any high class shopping malls you can recommend? Next time I go there, I plan to do some shopping in addition to sightseeing.

Lily: There are lots of wonderful shopping malls around Hong Kong, but there are two that stick out. Definitely go to the Landmark. It’s one of the oldest and most famous Hong Kong shopping malls and it has a Louis Vuttion flagship outlet! The prices there are much lower compared to the other shops around Hong Kong.

Ramona: I love LV!

Victor: Lily has a huge collection of Louis Vuttion bags! That’s her favorite brand name.

Lily: The second one I truly adore is Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. What I loved about Harbour City. There’s over 700 stores and 50 eateries there and it’s neatly divided into 4 areas: Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel Arcade, and Gateway Arcade. Another great thing about Harbour City is that it’s right on the pier at Kowloon.

Ramona: Wow, those two malls sound like wonderful places to shop at! I’ll definitely go to those malls! Thanks for the recommendations!

 Towards the end of the welcome wagon event.

Lily: It was a pleasure meeting all of you!

Diego: Feel free to stop by our places to hang out!!

Ramona: Same here! Thank you for hosting this amazing welcome party!

Victor: You’re welcome! Well, we must get going now. Take care, ladies!

Lily, Victor, and Diego left.

Ramona: Are you ready to go have some fun around the Uptown??

Charlotte: Yes I am!

Amy: Same! Let’s go!

The ladies head downstairs

Ramona: Wow! There’s a box lying around there! I wonder what goodies are inside?

Ramona heads to the box to look for goodies.

Ramona: Awesome! I found a Freezer Bunny Snow Globe!!

Charlotte: Ramona! Come check this out!

Ramona: Coming!

Ramona: What is this? A living statue??

Charlotte: That’s right and look, he’s performing for us!!

Amy: Wooo!!! You rock!!

Ramona: This is so fun!! *claps hands*

Charlotte: This bring me back to my childhood! I used to go to the carnivals and watch those performers perform cool tricks and stunts!

Ramona: Let me try something. BLALALALA!!!

Charlotte: LOL!!!

Amy: HAHAHAHA!! You’re so funny!!

Ramona: I think he found it amusing. 😛

Ramona: I think this living statue deserves some tips!

Charlotte: I’m with you on this! Let’s each give him 10 Simoleons!

The Luxurious Ladies give their tips to the living statue


Charlotte: Did you hear that? The nearby food stand is serving gourmet food! You hungry, girls?

Ramona: I could use a bite to eat. How about you, Amy?

Amy: I’m starving! Let’s go eat!

Don: Welcome, ladies! What can I get you?

Charlotte: I would like a Spinach Frittata, please!

Amy: Pasta Primavera, please!

Ramona: One Caprese Salad, please!

Don: Coming right up!

Townie Lady: Beautiful night, isn’t it?

Charlotte: I couldn’t agree more! San Myshuno is a beautiful city!!

Townie Lady: My name is Justine! What’s yours?

Charlotte: My name is Charlotte! It’s nice to meet you, Justine! Beautiful name!

Justine: Why thank you! That’s very sweet of you to say that!

Charlotte: So, tell me a bit about yourself.

Justine: I’m a mother of one daughter, Macie, and I love her to bits! The only thing I don’t like is that she keeps leaving her dirty dishes everywhere!

Charlotte: You have a daughter? That’s cute! Is her father at home with her??

Justine: I’m afraid not. My husband and I split up a few years ago, so it’s just me and Macie. Why we split up, it’s best I don’t talk about it. Don’t worry. I’ve hired a babysitter to take care of her while I’m out enjoying the city. Life’s tough as a single mother.

Charlotte: Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you working by any chance?

Justine: I used to work as a gym trainer, but I was fired because my boss had enough of my stories about pixies and fairies being real and the fact that pixies are dropping loose change everywhere. I’ve been struggling since to find another job.

Charlotte: I’m the owner of Douglas Art, my art gallery. I’ll be opening it in a few days. I’m looking for some people to work there. Would you be interested in working at my art gallery.

Justine: Wow, that would be nice! Sure! Thank you! Now I can work to make money and support my daughter!

Charlotte: I’ll be sure to contact you tomorrow for an in-person interview! Remember to dress properly!

Justine: Will do. Again, thank you!

Amy: San Myshuno is so pretty at night!

Ramona: I agree with you, Amy!

Charlotte: What shall we do next?

Ramona: I heard about a musician playing tonight. Let’s check that out!

Amy: Sure, but after we finish our food! Speaking of food, my Pasta Primavera is out of this world!

Ramona: My Caprese Salad is wonderful, although it’s a bit sour because of the balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Charlotte: My Spinach Fritatta was delicious! Lots of gooey cheese and spinach make it a delicious treat!

Amy: All right!! Great performance!

Charlotte: I love violin music! It really calms my nerves down.

Ramona: Same here. *Sigh* I miss playing the violin. Haven’t played since high school.

Amy: You should definitely go back playing it! You were one fantastic player back then!

Ramona: Yeah, I should. Let’s hope I still remember how to play it.

Amy: Let’s tip 100 Simoleons to the violinist!

Charlotte and Ramona: He deserves it for putting on such a wonderful performance!

The ladies each gave the violinist 100 Simoleons.

Back at home

Ramona: While you ladies were out watching the living statue, I found this Freezer Bunny Snow Globe!

Charlotte: OMG, it’s so pretty!! We definitely need to start collecting those snow globes and posters!!

Amy: I love bunnies!! They’re so cute!! How do you get it??

Ramona: I saw a box lying around and I went to it to search for goodies. We could also get them from the flea markets, which are every Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM in the Spice Market district.

Amy: Wow, I have 25 followers!! Time to update my Simbook status.

Charlotte: One day, I need to paint a picture of the beautiful night scenery! I bet lot of people would want to buy it!

Ramona: My girls and I had so much fun today! Can’t wait to see what else San Myshuno has to offer!

next episode


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